Liquidity, trading, Bot Tax, deadblocks

I have a contract in that contract I have functions like enable trading, bot tax, deadblocks.

Now I want to go live on rocketswap, the problem is I can’t add liquidity I get an error.

I put the rocketswap router in contract that works fine, because I can’t add liquidity on rocketswap, I tryna to switch from router address to sushiswap router address now I get a error in my contract.

this one is error from sushiswap router address

this one is error from adding liquidity on rocketswap

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And we're supposed to figure out the problem using a 90-degree titled screenshot of some code?
Please provide ALL the relevant details and ONLY the relevant details in PLAINTEXT (no images).

This should by the least include:

  • The relevant part of your contract or a link to it (e.g., on github or similar) if it's too long
  • The relevant part of any other contract involved (e.g., sushiswap router) or a link to it...
  • The transaction hash or a link to it (e.g., on etherscan or similar)

As a side note, Transfer-From failure is typically (but not always) due to the lack of a preceding approval, so you may want to start off your investigation by looking into that (of course, without the missing details listed above, it is rather difficult to tell you exactly where in your code you may need to execute that approval).

It is because of address format.
plz use this address instead of yours.


Got all errors when I want to buy, what is the problem is the contract not good

strong text

I think something in the contract is not correct can you look at the contract

I change the deadblocks and bot tax to zero

I need to see your code.
plz contact me via telegram 'JayIto1126'

What part of this did you not understand?

Taking photos of your screen with a camera... dude, this is not the way to go in the year 2023 (or any year prior to that, to be honest).

Do you have tg where we can discuss That is a the address

I’m confused, in the original topic you posted that you where unable to add liquidity, however in the contract you posted there was liquidity added successfully, see to:

So what exactly is your problem you are experiencing and need help with?

I added liquidity the problem is when I want to buy I get a json error

are u able to adjust the contract for us

Do you have tg where can discuss

I don’t use telegram, just trying to help people here whenever I got a few minutes to spare.

I’ve check the contract and the used pair routers however there are no swap transactions recorded. So I don’t know where that error is coming from or even where and what that website is.

The pictures of your screen doesn’t provide a lot of confidence that you’re actually trying to make a swap correctly, on om the correct chain or with enough slippage. If you only added limited liquidity then slippage can be very big.

What can I do now, add more liquidity, deploy another smart contract, you checked the source code right

How can anyone here check anything when all you share is images of your screen taken with a camera? (by the way, you may wanna consider the fact that some sensitive details are reflected in the background on those images).

I can fix your contract. TG me @lodromo we can talk there.