JSON from PHP not displayed on OpenSea

Hello. Would you please help me? When creating a token, I generate a PHP file with json headers. Which includes all the information about the token in json format. http://fotomaxe.azurex.ru/token-148.php
here is an example of one of the files. But for some reason this metadata is not being pulled up, can you tell me what is the reason? Why does http://my-json-server.typicode.com/DubovkaE/token/tokens/0 pull up from here, but if I bring exactly the same data to my site and point to a link to it, they won’t pull up?

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Hi @Yevhen_Dubovka,

The formatting of the JSON from your PHP doesn’t look correct, you have escape characters: https:\/\/twemoji.maxcdn.com\/svg\/1f40e.svg

You should try serving exactly the same JSON to start with. You can also validate it with OpenSea.
OpenSea metadata validation is at https://rinkeby-api.opensea.io/asset/[nft contract address]/[token id]/validate

My example can be found at:

Yeah your escaping with the forward slash isn’t working. I don’t think you need to escape them in this case. Your are free to do what you want with the meta data but you have to respect the json formating.

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