Javascript map look up for Etherum wallet

Hi I have a javascript map

  const map = new Map();

  map.set("0x3D22D6A57722A566e1AD087d95daD35595818c7f" , true);

and ethereum account wallet from web3 after connect to metamask event. I want to look up the account in the map to allow certain logic

if (map.get(blockchain.account)) {
  //some ops

console.log(blockchain.account) shows 0x3D22D6A57722A566e1AD087d95daD35595818c7f. However, whitelistMap.get(blockchain.account) always returns undefined. I have tried blockchain.account.toString() String(blockchain.account) but none of them work.

Any idea? Thanks

You can try using blockchain.account.toLowerCase() and making sure you always convert addresses to lowercase.