Issues with math in truffle tests

Hello Everyone :wave:

I am currently building a Dapp from a tutorial from an article online, I'll post the line for reference, at the point where I'm testing the smart contract with truffle.

I still receive 2 failing tests indicating that the AssertionError: The totalSupply should have been increased: expected '50000000000000000000100' to equal 4.999999999999999e+24 and another, I am writing it as: *totalSupply.toString()100 + 100 since writing in .toNumber won't return the value without big number.js which was another issue to work around

How would I be able to resolve this error? Thank you

In the minting test case, the after_supply should be checked after minting, not before minting.

But I look into my code that the after_supply is being checked at the end. Could you please explain why you see after_supply is being checked before minting? Thank you