Issues resolving address with ECDSA after signing transaction

Hi Community,

Im having issues resolving the signer using ECDSA in Solidity. Im wondering if anyone has had this issue. I get invalid signature or it returns a 0x address. I overrode the ECDSA contract to accept the v 37 and v38 values, but i suspect its something to do with this.

Here is the simple node.js code. I get a successful response with signature in the console

async function signTx(sender, tokenQty, nonce) {

  let hash = web3.utils.soliditySha3(sender,tokenQty,nonce);
  console.log('hash:  '+ hash);
  const signResponse = await relayer.sign({message:hash});
  console.log('sig:  '+JSON.stringify(signResponse)); 

Hey @Alan_Sher! Can you share the Solidity code you're using for verification? Thanks!

I actually got it sorted, there was an issue with the initial hashing. Thanks for the reply!

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