Issue with depositFor() in ERC20WrapperMock.sol

I have deployed the ERC20WrapperMock.sol on the Kovan testnet here:

I have approved the token to be spent. When I try to run the depositFor() function I am constantly running into an issue within metamask.

Even if I put it through the method fails and I have double checked my values are correct. Any ideas?

This issue persists within Remix, as well as Etherscan which I began to use after giving up on Remix.

Your code looks like ok, so when you try to call depositFor(), you should call

underlying.approve(ERC20WrapperMock_Contract_Address, Amount);

I have no issues running approve(), the issue arises with the depositFor function

Emmm, but I got 0 when I check the allowance

Odd, I get 100:

Nevermind, resolved.

How?? I've the same problem!! May I ask how you solved this problem? I can't deposit, get the same message in MetaMask.