Issue in web3modal integration

Hi all, I am facing some conflict with integrating web3modal with my reactapp.
--> I can able to connect a wallet and disconnect it .
--> and Injected web3 (metamask in chrome extension also working fine). and the transaction also I can able to do for my app(for eg .approve function in my smart contract)
-->Issue Facing Stage:but when I am trying to connect with walletconnect provider using the metamask mobile app (using barcode scan ) I can able to connect successfully , but when it tried to call any functions like approve in my desktop it cannot reflect on my mobile app.
So Is there any specific format we need to follow for walletconnect provider for web3modal for send transactions like(approve etc..)
Here is the format I followed:
await cbusdcontract.methods.approve(contracts.contractaddress.address,amount).send({from:account});

full approve function:

  const approve = async() => {
       //let account = await web3.eth.getAccounts();
         let account  = localStorage.getItem("walletconnect");
        let amount = 1000000000000000000 +"0000000000"; 
        await busdcontract.methods.approve(contracts.contractaddress.address,amount).send({from:account});
        setDis("Approved Succesfully!");

Is there any common method is there for send transaction using metamask ,and walletconnect.And here is the document I followed for web3modal.
so anyone helps me to sort out this issue. Thanks in advance.