Is my use case supported by Relay and Autotask?

Hi :wave:

I'm exploring different options for supporting gasless transactions and was wanting some advice on Relay and Autotask to see if my use-case is supported.

I am creating a basic, non-custodial wallet service for my users. They can onramp ERC20 tokens and then transfer those tokens to a whitelist of wallet addresses. The user wallets themselves though will not have any native chain tokens (ETH, MATIC), they will only have other ERC20 tokens (USDC, USDT etc).

Using Relay and Autotask, can I set up my user's wallets so that they can transfer their ERC20 tokens to a whitelist of addresses without them having to pay gas fees? Can I check the 'to' and 'from' addresses in Autotask to makse sure I'm only relaying my own user's wallets to other wallets I know about? Do I need a forwarder contract? At a high level it looks like this use case is supported by these products, but just want to confirm before I go further, and get some advice on how to implement it.

Would be great to have a quick chat to someone if they are available :slight_smile: