Is it still safe to use the v2.0 Crowdsale smart contract?

Hello @abcoathup
I’m currently working on a video game that integrates a cryptocurrency. I want to be able to do a basic crowdsale, but I also want to use Open Zeppelin audited smart contract to ensure that funds won’t disappear from earth. Is it still safe to use the v2.0 Crowdsale smart contract ? Is their any chance that there are new vulnerabilities due to the old solidity version used here ? Or would you just use v3.0 contracts and extend them until you have all the required functionalities (Personally I would prefer using the old 2.0 if it’s fine)?

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I’d go with 2.0 for the crowdsale, extending 3.0 would imply to write a lot of logic by yourself and the more custom logic the more room for mistakes there is. You can then use the latest version for the rest of your contracts.

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Gas prices during network congestion can significantly impact applications such as gaming, so something you might want to consider. I also suggest having a look at: Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777).