Is it possible to use delegate call in an implementation contract of transparent upgradable proxy?

I'm trying to make my contracts upgradable with solidity, openzeppelin transparent upgradable proxies but I have some functions that use delegate calls, I found this in the documents, but I don't understand if I can use delegate calls in my functions when I add the modifier or I can't use it in any case:

Also, I see that the AddressUpgradable.sol deletes the delegate call functionality.

Could someone please tell me if I can use it or not?
I don't have any self-destruct code anywhere, I just need to allow the users to use delegate call.

:1234: Code to reproduce

    function _multicall(bytes[] calldata _data)
        returns (bytes[] memory)
        uint256 _dataLength = _data.length;
        bytes[] memory results = new bytes[](_dataLength);

        for (uint256 i; i < _dataLength; i++) {
            results[i] = Address.functionDelegateCall(

        return results;

:computer: Environment

Delegatecall is dangerous if it can result in triggering a selfdestruct, as mentioned in If your function can only delegate calls to the same contract, and there are no selfdestructs in the contract or its dependencies, then that can be considered safe.

There is also a MulticallUpgradeable.sol that does pretty much the same thing as your function, although it is external.

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