Integration testing under hardhat framework

I am aiming at doing integration testing on our own smart contract .

Regard of our contract , it only imports some math libs & another contract we created .
So the integration testing here would be testing the interaction between those two contracts .
We can call it A imports B here .

As for A contract , it implements some interfaces for interacting with B contract .
And both of them are deployed on goerli testnet yet .

My question would be :
The integration testing has several existing method : 1) forking mainnet and interact with it locally , but since we don't have mainnet launch , this would be of no use . 2) under specific constructions like NEAR's sandbox and workspace , i.e. . In this case , we only want to do it under hardhat , is it possible and any specific reference or example repo ?
3) write interact.js to interact with it on goerli , but we might want try the second first .

So anyone has any thought and guidance ?

Dear, @0xKarl98
I think you can fork block on goerli using hardhat.

So if i have forked mainnet for the B contract , which is the dependency of A contract
and A contract is only deployed on goerli testnet

Can i test the interaction between A & B by just using the mainnet fork ?

I think you can test

yeah i know it , but i mean from which aspect
do you know some repo or article about it ?