Integrate DAI payments in existing contract

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker of the forums. I launched my defi mvp 2 weeks ago, coded with Ethereum payments only.
I am now looking to integrate DAI payments into my contract. The only thing I need is for the user to send DAI to my contract, my contract will do something with the DAI after the transfer is completed.
I googled a lot, looked at this OZ guide, but I’m still not sure on which steps to take.

For now I can only see this as being needed:

  • Import ERC20.sol from OZ
  • Set the DAI interface:
    interface DaiToken { function transfer(address dst, uint wad) external returns (bool); function balanceOf(address guy) external view returns (uint); }

After that, I’m a bit lost on what to do next.
Could anyone guide me a bit, or have a step by step tutorial by any chance (couldn’t find one through Google searching)?

Thanks in advance.

Exactly what you need to do with DAI?
You can already receive them. So please give more details to let us help you

Thanks for your reply.
I need people to be abe to select DAI as a payment option frontend (using React), so that’s where the function transfer is for?
But how do I tell my contract people used DAI (or USDC,…)? Do I need to link the DAI contract address?