Individual plan can't select Mainnet networks

Hi I'm on the free tier and I'm able to add testnet networks, but unable to select mainnet. Tried logging out and back in as suggested by this post and still unable to get it to work.

:computer: Environment


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hey @0xCola, can you try logging out and back in?

Tried it but still greyed out when trying to add a contract

@0xcola, just to confirm: have you switched to the free Individual plan in the Account Plan page (accessible from the top-right menu), or are you still on the free Trial plan? If you haven't made the switch, please choose the Individual plan, accept, and log out and back in.

If you have already made the change, please shoot us an email to including what email you had used for signing up, so we can take a look behind the scenes!

Thank you. Did not realize the trial didn't have mainnet

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