Inconsistent use of Contract Loader in docs

Hello guys,

Thanks again for your work on this very useful software - I have been building a project using an OZ Starter Kit and just wanted to let you know a few points where I struggled with the documentation.

Contract Loader Initialization Discrepancy in Documentation:

Erroneous (as I understand - did not work for me, anyway) Initialization of Contract Loader:

Working Initialization of Contract Loader:

Testing overloaded functions:

This wasn’t an issue so much as something I could not find reference to… adding some message about testing overloaded functions might save someone from being like me and spending a whole day trying to understand why my tests weren’t working. I think it’s related to an existing issue in truffle’s testing suite as well which has been updated
When you put { from: user } (or any other arguments) after params, it reads it as another parameter to call the function in solidity

Thanks again!

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Hi @doctor-gonzo,

Thank you for the feedback on the documentation :pray: This is greatly appreciated.

Hello @doctor-gonzo! Can you share more details about what you attempted to do based on the documentation and how that failed?

And yes, using contracts with overloaded functions from truffle can be a bit of a pain sometimes, partly due to how JavaScript handles function arguments. Where in our docs would you have expected to learn about this?

Thanks a lot!

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