Import ABIs automatically after contract upgrades

Currently, ABIs need to be pasted manually in contracts in Defender after upgrades are executed. It would be great if Defender handled that automatically by fetching the ABI from Etherscan in case the contract is already verified.

Hi @kargakis ,

It would help if you utilized proposed upgrade through hardhat, and from there, see the proposed upgrade, which can be approved or achieved.

Please check the OpenZeppelin documentation regarding the proposed upgrade; it might help.


Hi @Felix_Theodoor, we already use the OZ upgrade plugin (proposeUpgrade for proxies, prepareUpgrade + Defender SDK to open proposal for beacons) but that does not result in updating the ABI in Defender.

No you are right, in this case you would need to delete the contract and let defender rescan the contracts new ABI.

@Felix_Theodoor - You nailed the current workflow. Unfortunately it's not the greatest user experience :disappointed:

But I do have good news for you and @kargakis - this feature is under active development. It should be part of our release next week (typically Thursday) but may be the week after. Keep an eye on the What's New section.


Dan McKeon