Image for "collection" not visible in coinbase wallet

Hi I am new and an nft artist.
This forum was allready very helpfull pointing me to the right directions in my research, but now I am stuck as I am not familliar neither with the 721 contract (Meta, Json, Uri) nor code…

sorry if this problem has been discussed before, it is a litle hard for me to make sense of the information given here as it is on the complex side for e noob as me : )

I hope someone like @abcoathup might spare me a minute and light some wisedom on my problem.
Thank You !

I am investigating erc721 contract standards because I do have this problem:

  • “collection” image/icon/cover doesnt show in coinbase wallet app (android).

while the single nft “collectibles” all work/show fine with their “covers”. the “cover” for the “collection” doesnt. I asume there is a broken link in the metadata pointing to wrong adress or maybe even no link/adress at all.

I checked on etherscan the query for “tokenURI” and got the error
" Error: Returned error: execution reverted: ERC721Metadata: URI query for nonexistent token"

Repeat, the NFTs inside the collection show and work fine, so it is only about the collection “cover”…
As I said I have no clue on this topic, so what does this mean and how to fix this?
contract: 0xe91689222df19ac0b1748a3b8efac5858dfda48f

The “cover art” (dripping neonshit) shows fine on where I did crate this “collection”:

thank you so much!

ps: I do have an er1155 “collection” working fine and gives “ipfs” sting without errors for the same query. This collection shows all fine in the wallet too!

Hi @etsnftnoob,

I don’t know where the collection cover is taken from. I would suggest asking on an NFT-specific forum such as the OpenSea Discord.

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Dear @frangio thank you for replying.

You don`t know “where”… meaning:

  • the location of the actual .gif (somewhere on rarible I asume as I minted it there)
  • where in the Metadata this url is saved for the token/contract


Someone at open sea replied once to me but didn`t get back. Have to bump them.

Do you know by any chance where urls for images are usually saved in the Metadata and how I can read this info? If I could see the URLs I could double check and know if the problem is the Metadata or the location

thank you

What I mean is that as far as I can tell there is no concept of “collection” in the ERC721 standard, metadata is specific to each separate token ID. So if a client application wants to show a collection image I don’t know where they would look.

Perhaps it’s taken from contract-level metadata?

Have you seen any other documentation about collection metadata?

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@frangio Thank you for you quick reply and your help!
Very much appreciated : )

I learned more about this topic…

You are right the term “collection” seams to be how the plattform names a smart contract.
So, when I say “collection” I am actually talking about the smart contract (what holds/rules several tokens/nfts).

Thank you for the information: contract-level metadata :hugs: !
This looks like what I am searching for.

I would like to know:

  • how to access this contract-level metadata?
  • is “image” the actual correct term for what I decribe as a “cover”?
    The name “cover”, like “collection” is used on the plattform I created the contracts and nfts, so I asume this is their own terminology…
  • how to include an (ipfs) Image URL? That should be seen then in a Wallet…
    See image below. See next to it the “cover/image” of an ERC-1155 contract, so this is working:

PS, what I learned about contracts and tokens so far:

  • erc721 is a smart contract with own adress.
  • this contract includes/rules Tokens like NFTs (each with own adress).
  • these tokens have their own ID written in the contract.
  • with this ID I can output the Metadata (JSON) on etherscan.
  • in that Metadata, info like: name and image are stored.
  • this Metadata is editable, can be changed.

@etsnftnoob If I understand correctly you don’t have any experience writing Solidity code. I would suggest you learn a little about writing your own smart contract. Solidity by Example can help.

Then you can write a contract like the one shown in Contract-level metadata.

contract MyCollectible is ERC721 {
    function contractURI() public view returns (string memory) {
        return "";

As the docs say, this must be a link to a file that describes your collection and one of the items in this description is an image, which is what you’re looking for.

I can’t help with a lot more detail than this, sorry!

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@frangio Thank you so much !
You absolutely pointed me in the right direction!
I was always looking for tokenURI rather than contractURI. :man_facepalming:

Finaly I could check the metadata and the ipfs link for the contract. This looks all fine.

So I am back at the support for the coinbase wallet. Maybe there is some incompatibility with the .gif anim file. I know from the past that there are options how to save a gif file and maybe something doesnt match up.


You helped a lot! And maybe some day I write my own smart contracts…


Same exact problem I’m having.