I'm using defender relay to execute a signature, but I can't send the transaction

I want to use defender relay instead of the wallet to interact with the reservoir SDK.
reservoir provides aggregated orders, such as NFT sell orders from opensensea, and through the buytoken of reservoir sdk, I can interact with opensensea sell orders. Now I want the defender relay to automatically execute the transaction without me having to manually sign and send the transaction using my wallet.
Here is my code:

I am not able to send the transaction when I execute it, what steps I might have missed or there is an error in the code, can you help me out?
If there are no errors in the defender relay signature section, then the problem may be in the reservoir sdk.
If needed, here is the reservoir sdk documentation:

Hello @Loy_Edison could you please provide us with your tenantId and relayerId?

Also, if you could please send me some more info on where the error is occurring and what the error message is I could better assist you.