Ideas on how to make NFTs with serial number

Hey there, I want to build NFTs with serial number, should be able to differentiate an NFT and tell which number it is. The metadata should be same, only the number should be different. I came to some ideas, but I would like to know what you guys think.

  1. Extending the implementation of ERC1155, so we would have only 1 file with the metadata and I should have an array being the index the serial number and the value is the owner address.
  2. Placing the serial number on the metadata, this way it would be possible to be 1155(1 out 1) or 721, but it would have to have a new metadata.
  3. I found the ERC2309 for the batch minting, this way it would be looking the Id on the smart contract and the first one with the metadata, would be the serial number 1.
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Hey guys, any ideas?

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Hello! Are you find solution?