I want to get fee from users, how can i do that?

I built a token creation tool and it’s working very well but i want to get fee from users for my service, for example; 0.1 BNB fee for each deployment and this fee will transfer to my wallet address.
How can i add this function into the smart contract?
Thanks !

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hey @BlockchainDeveloper , you can use a payable function and charge the user.

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Thanks for your answer!
My contract is like this:

contract CreateToken is Context, IERC20, Ownable

Where should i add this function exactly? Into the Ownable section?

Because the CreateToken contract(there are customizable constructor arguments inside of it) itself will be the final token contract for my customers.

How can i charge the user into the Constructor ?
Appreciate for any example...

No no you don't have to do in that way.
How the user will create the token on your website?