I Need Help guys

i made contract on polygon using rarible website


i want verfiy it but seems i cant it ask for some codes which idont know about

any help plz

no one? have knowladge in This!

Can you please be more specific with your question? See How do I ask a good question?

There is some info on verification here: How to verify a contract on Etherscan/BscScan/PolygonScan

i deployd polygon contract via rarible website

i want to verfiy that contract in polygonscan

its ask for some info i did not know

and i dont know what codes or complier rarible used

so i need help

You should go through Rarible for support instead, because without the code or compiler version, you cannot verify.

someone said they publish it on the internet so every one can verfiy but i did not find it at all

if you can share info/screenshots about the compiler version+code (what IDE did you use to compile the contract share the settings for compiler you will find it there).

Now to double check this is your account right: 0xF46e8e6fA0F048DdD76F8c6982eBD059796298B8

and the contract you created is at: 0x6BB8F315C533317DD39B198Ee0Fd1e4C75645b15

when you say:
" it ask for some codes which idont know about"
do you mean the code you wrote? how you don't know about it if you wrote it?

"its ask for some info i did not know"
what step are you struggling with in the verification process screenshots will be much appreciated.

What info you don't know exactly.

And as @ericglau said please check How do I ask a good question? again to learn how to clarify for us further.

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i make it on rarible website bro