I need help for contract

Hello guys, how are you. I need help developing contract.

I need a contract that has a feature of :

  1. Any user can deposit usdt or any currency that are paired to my token ex: my token us paired to matic, they can deposit matic, or my token was paired to bnb, they can deposit BNB

  2. Any user can withdraw tokens on the contract as a reward,

  3. Has a function to adjust the fee,

  4. Enable/Disable the withdraw feature if there is a maintenance

  5. Has a % fee that will automatically send to specific wallet for depositing currency for pairing.

  6. Lastly, can mint with unlimited supply of token.

Thank you so much

Hey! If you still need help you can contact me on telegram:

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If you want to develop it by yourself, so what problems are you having now, and if you want to pay anyone who can develop it for you, maybe add the tag #smart-contracts:developer-wanted

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Yes Skyge tell them all to go to the Job club, this is open source.
I will not hoard nor sell information in a space that taught me freely.

I literally just posted more or less what he could manipulate.

@Tjelsa22 come join the fun