I created smart contract on bsc with divident token for reward but i can't verify the divident contract

this is my bsc token address: 0x3a9d5ccb2670caf69b35d801da175477a6b9c121
my divident disributor contract is : 0x98e974a99279fe79189873fe3cf23fbe83b0ef2b
the token address is verified but not the divident distributor so holder not receive the rewards thank you for your help

i receive this error : Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI
Found the following ContractName(s) in source code : Auth , BoostShiba , DividendDistributor , IBEP20 , IDEXFactory , IDEXRouter , IDividendDistributor , SafeMath
But we were unable to locate a matching bytecode (err_code_2)
For troubleshooting, you can try compiling your source code with the Remix - Solidity IDE and check for exceptions
when i compile the code in remix it work without error this divident distributor is a contract created by the token contract

Please refer to our guide on verification:

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