I am facing some strange behaviour with a try/catch block

I have the following _transfer method implementation in my ERC20 token.

  function _transfer(address from, address to, uint256 amount) internal override {
        require(transfersEnabled || essentialAddress[from] || essentialAddress[to], "Transfers not allowed");

        if (amount == 0) {
            super._transfer(from, to, 0);

        uint256 currentBalanceFrom = balanceOf(from);
        uint256 currentBalanceTo = balanceOf(to);
        //  Deduct the fee if necessary
        uint256 fees = calculateFee(amount, from, to);
        if (fees > 0) {
            super._transfer(from, address(this), fees);
        super._transfer(from, to, amount - fees);
        handleBalanceUpdate(from, to, currentBalanceFrom, currentBalanceTo); <-- Something strange is happening here

The method calls handleBalanceUpdate:

When calling

function handleBalanceUpdate( address from, address to, uint256 oldBalanceFrom, uint256 oldBlanceTo) internal {
        if (address(rewardsManager) != address(0)) {
            try rewardsManager.notifyBalanceUpdate(from, oldBalanceFrom) {} catch { console.log("Fail"); }
            try rewardsManager.notifyBalanceUpdate(to, oldBlanceTo) {} catch { console.log("Fail"); }

Problem is that when rewardsManager.notifyBalanceUpdate reverts, the whole transfer gets reverted silently, no exception is thrown. I am expecting the transfer to happen normally regardless if rewardsManager.notifyBalanceUpdate fails or not.

Did you guys face anything similar?
This only happens when the transfer is initiated via the transferFrom method. Simple transfer works as expected

I don't think the problem is in in handleBalanceUpdate. But I can't see the problem.

The problem was actually related to my local ganache testnet. This issue did not happen on testnet/mainnet.

Thank for the reply