How to verify upgradeable contract on opbnb-testnet?

I deployed a upgradeable contract on opbnb-testnet. and my implementation contract was verified at

ProxyAdmin address : 0x68B8a3Cf23CbDbdCDd849955be6da198ac8C7A0A
Proxy address: 0x2Db3498F07E4B6567D25eD275A2fc557d358921b

please help me to verify them or tell me how to do?


I have seen this post, and the proxy contract is not verified, and I want to know how to use the json file in the guide?

Does that mean I verify with the browser and select Compiler Type with Standard-Json-Input?


If proxy is not verified

Proxy contracts, beacons, and the ProxyAdmin should be verified automatically as "Similar Match", because we have verified other instances of the same code. On some networks, there may not be a verified instance and the contract you deploy may show up as unverified. In that case, you can verify this contract using the Solc JSON Input shared below, or feel free to contact us in Upgrades to assist.

Your proxy contracts are verified now. Yes, normally you can verify through browser with Standard-Json-Input (I've just updated the json files attached to that post since they were out of date before).

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