How to use Upgrades Plugins to deploy multiple minimal proxies

Hey @abcoathup,

As per API Reference, OpenZeppelin SDK is not actively developed and one is encouraged to use Upgrades Plugins instead.

How to use Upgrades Plugins (instead of ProxyFactory) to deploy multiple minimal proxies that holds reference to main logic contract?

How would the below code change in the context of creating Token Factory that is able to deploy multiple tokens (in .sol file) without using ProxyFactory? Or that isn’t possible?

and in specific this line:

address token = deployMinimal(logic, payload);
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Hi @megatower66,

OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins can be used to safely deploy and test upgradeable contracts, including checking contracts for upgrade safety.

For minimal proxies, you can create your own factory to deploy. There is a simple example: How to compute the CREATE2 address for a minimal proxy? - #2 by abcoathup