How to use defender with own address

I have tried to deploy smart contract using defender-relayer by following this article . The relayer creates one private key for us. Using this private key defender-relayer deploys contract. But instead of managed private key, i want to use my own address. When the ralayer receiver request, I should connect respective address with metamask, then deploy the contract. Can we do this using defender-relayer ? I need exactly same like defender's relayer logic but I want to use my own address as signer.

If it is not possible with defender-relayer, is there any alternative solution.

As far i know you just need use Secrets to hold your keys and use normal ethers to get your signer.

Screenshot below where to create Secrets for Autotasks

In the docs

you can get your secrets like that

exports.handler = async function(event) {
  const { mySecret, anApiKey } = event.secrets;

After that use can use the ethers.Wallet to create the signer to use for your tx calls.

I hope that can help you.

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Thanks for all the help on support @kamikazebr !