How to upgrade openzeppelin packages in deployed transparant proxy

I have a contract deployed with transparant proxy using openzeppelin packages 4.2. I want to upgrade to packages version 4.5 to get support for new functionality inside the 4.5 version.

My contract will not change only some of the imported packages.

What are the correct steps to do such an upgrade as I see all examples on upgrades dealing with upgrades of the contract itself not the openzeppelin packages.

Or am I overcomplicating it and it is just as simple as upgrade the npm package and deploy a new upgrade of contract where I only change the version number of the contract?

Importing packages is basically copying code into the file. So if the imported package changed, your contract also changed. So you should just upgrade your contract the normal way.

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thans for clarifying

conclusion: I am overcomplicating :slight_smile: