How to survive in the Assembly world?


Because in special situations we have to put aside our beautiful high-level Solidity language, the purpose of this series is to focus on some of the instructions that you need to understand to survive into the Jumanji assembly world. Trust me, I come from there.

These posts will try to add value to the existent and amazing articles that Ale made about the EVM internals.

Experimental scientific method

  • We will be focusing on a particular statement - or situation - during each post,

  • The code will be shown in both: the Solidity form and its respective equivalent form in assembly,

  • We will be looking at the bytecode to understand what’s happening behind the scene.

Table of contents

The following list - which is incomplete and will be updated on-demand - shows the discussed topics around the fascinated world of assembly.

  1. The if conditional statement

  2. The switch conditional statement

  3. Firing event in assembly (Coming soon!)

  4. Alloc memory for variables (Coming soon!)

  5. Dynamic bytes arrays in memory.

If someone would like a certain subject to be discussed, please let us know and we will try to do our best to tackle it in our spare time!

On the other side, if you feel that you could contribute your 2 cents in a topic that could benefit a lot of developers, please be our guest and post it in the forum! =)


Excited, to read more on this, feels great, thank you @andresbach for sharing. :100: