How to share ownership of an ERC721


I was looking for some pointers over some experiments that I’m doing in order to understand solidity and evm. Searching for some information over ERC721, I found an older implementation of a Shareable pattern which looks like it’s not present anymore in master branch. In short I want to obtain a functionality like this: given an object, let’s say a box with some defined properties (weight, length, color) and an owner, I want to be able to assign multiple owners to it, but only after the original owner agrees. Looks like ERC721 would be the way to start, but I’m not really sure about the second part. I’m trying to understand what’s the best approach. Any pointers appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @X_Dan,

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You could just use a multisig (such as Gnosis Safe) to be the token holder of a token in an ERC721. It could start with M and N = 1, and the original owner can add other owners.

It depends what functionality you want the owners to be able to do?