How to set slippage solerance of token for developers (for bsc)

I want to create my token but i don’t know how to set slippage tolerance of token for developers on pancakeswap (bsc)? How can i do?

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Sorry, I am not sure what do you want to do, do you mean you want to create a deflationary token? Or you just want to set a low slippage when swap tokens on the Pancake?

For the former, it depends on your design. And for the latter, I think the slippage only depends on the total amount of the tokens you want to swap. Eg: assume you want to swap your token to ETH, so the total amount of this pair with 100 your_token and 1 eth will has a larger slippage than the pair with 1000 your_token and 10 eth.


I am a new blockchain developer, creating my own token for testing purposes. But I don’t know how to set slippage tolerance when creating bsc based token. I found some documents for eth but not for bsc.
For examples 5% burning, 3% holders etc.