How to integrate minted NFTS from one contract to another?

We currently have an active smart contract where we have minted several hundred NFTs. We want to work on a new contract that will give us more versatility in the future for our community.

Is there a way to "merge" the holders wallets or the NFT from the first contract to the new contract or somehow get them added?

For one of the new features, we want to be able to airdrop all holders but do not have that function in our current contract. Therefore, we need a way to get the current holders to our new contract so they can receive the airdrop as well.

yes. you can build the javascript code that gets holders and mint current NFTs for them to mint free in the code.

Would you write a JavaScript app to take a current snapshot of the first contract holders, then add them to a specific whitelist, allowing them to mint off the new contract for free? I’m trying to understand exactly what you mean, it sounds like a good idea.

Thanks in advance

Let's dicuss in more detail in telegram

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I don't want to give them a free mint, I want to try and get their current NFT with all the Metadata and somehow migrate it to the new contract

you can use interface contract to interact with one contract.

Do you have an example? I'm looking to call tokenURI function from a new contract, from a contract that is currently deployed. I instantiated the object, and called the tokenURI function, but do not get a value returned.

you can make a tokenURI function in interface contract.
difficult to give the sample.