How to implement ERC777Upgradeable

Hello !

I'm trying to learn how to deploy an ERC777Upgradeable token, but when deploying I get the following error message :

Error: Returned error: intrinsic gas too low -- Reason given: Address: low-level delegate call failed.

This is my contract code :

pragma solidity >=0.8.0 <0.9.0;

import "@openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable/token/ERC777/ERC777Upgradeable.sol";

contract Token is ERC777Upgradeable {
  function initialize() public initializer {
    address[] memory _defaultOperators;
    __ERC777_init('Token', 'TKN', _defaultOperators);

And my deployment code :

const { deployProxy } = require('@openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades');

const Token = artifacts.require("Token");

module.exports = async function(deployer) {
  await deployProxy(Token, {initializer: 'initialize'});

What am I doing wrong ? I can't seem to find any example of ERC777Upgradeable's implementation anywhere.

Thanks a lot !

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

I think your code is ok, maybe you can update the truffle to the latest version, and then have a try.

What command are you running? Are you running this against a local Ganache network?

Thanks for the replies !

Truffle is up to date. I'm running "truffle test", so using the default local development network. I have other non-ERC777 contracts that are deploying just fine, it is just this one causing the issue.

I've tried the above mentioned code in a brand new "truffle init" project, and on another computer as well.

Oh, I know, ERC777 requires the ERC1820 registry to be deployed. You can deploy it using OpenZeppelin Test Helpers.

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Amazing ! That was it.

For anyone else reading this, here's what I did.

  1. Run npm install --save-dev @openzeppelin/test-helpers

  2. Update the deployement code to :

const { deployProxy } = require('@openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades');
const { singletons } = require('@openzeppelin/test-helpers');

const Token = artifacts.require("Token");

module.exports = async function(deployer, network, accounts) {
  if (network == 'development') {
    // In a test environment an ERC777 token requires deploying an ERC1820 registry
    await singletons.ERC1820Registry(accounts[0]);

  await deployProxy(Token, {initializer: 'initialize'});

Thank you so much @frangio.

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