How to get ProxyAdmin address

Is it possible to obtain ProxyAdmin address if an address of the proxy is known?
I have missed the ProxyAdmin address after the deployment of the upgradeable contract.

UPD: I have figured out by myself )))
Maybe it will be heplfull for someone.
I got the ProxyAdmin address direcltly from the admin slot:

await web3.eth.getStorageAt('<PROXY_ADDRESS>', '0xb53127684a568b3173ae13b9f8a6016e243e63b6e8ee1178d6a717850b5d6103'):
// '0x0000000000000000000000009f67949ee6aa9c94c959ba64f03781a11ed130fd'
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Hi @kostysh,

Well done on working it out. Thanks for posting the update, as I am sure it will help someone in future.

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