How to generate the ABI of the contract (Sefemoon clone)

Can you please help me with some issue. I don’t know how to generate the ABI of the contract… When I’m compilating the contract in remix and then clicking compilation details, there is nothing under ABI.

Make sure to select the correct address in dropdown menu. Also safemoon clone doesn’t need ABI to be verified on BSC scan if this is your aim

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Thank you for the answer. Do you mean , when I’m deploying the contract from remix , so I have to be sure that only one is selected ( for example safemoonTommyTest1.sol)?
I can’t do anything with the contract

I mean above the compile button (same for deploy) there is a dropdown menu. Click there ans you will se the list of the contracts/interface in your sol file. You must choose the main one

which one is it?

@FreezyEx Hej Mate, I tried and it’s not working. Can you please help me

did you selected Safemoon? the last one

I tried again. I’m choosing the last one (Tommy10) but I get this error

What I’m doing wrong?
Can you please help me

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I got the same issue doesnt matter if I try to deploy on eth or bnb test network my man contract will return that gas error the error jusr says execution reverteed at the bottom

did you checked router addesss?

I did both ways friend eth and bnb

I may have the wrong router numbers in there

Man just search the error on the forum and you will se the solution. You are using wrong router address

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Yeah I noticed it when I Posted it that I searched that address and it came back wrong so I swapped to v2 uniswap router an it worked

I have the right one and still the same error

Ok it is working now. The solution was:
V2 router for BSC Mainet: 0x10ED43C718714eb63d5aA57B78B54704E256024E
BSC TestNet: 0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1

Thank you for the help

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