How to deploy this contract using Truffle? Dividends (@FreezyEx FreezyEx)

I found this contract off dividends on a OpenZeppelin forum colleague's github:

I'm trying to truffle migrate and I get error:

I put it to deploy in the sequence:

const IterableMapping = artifacts.require('IterableMapping')
const INFLHUBDividendTracker = artifacts.require('INFLHUBDividendTracker')
const InfluenceHub = artifacts.require('InfluenceHub')

module.exports = async function(deployer, network, accounts) {
  // Deploy Mock DAI Token
  await deployer.deploy(IterableMapping)
  const it = await IterableMapping.deployed()

  await deployer.deploy(INFLHUBDividendTracker)
  const div = await INFLHUBDividendTracker.deployed() 

  await deployer.deploy(InfluenceHub)
  const token = await InfluenceHub.deployed()

contains unresolved libraries. You must deploy and link the following libraries before you can deploy a new version of ....

How can I implement this contract through truffle?

await deployer.deploy(iterable, token);
Await deployer.deploy(token)