How to create Staking Rewards Factory contact for different pair

How to create staking rewards for different pair with different APR %

Maybe you can have a look at these contracts:

But how they specific the APR % for each pair because this website all pair have different APR %

I think this is a dynamic value, contract deployer just decides how many tokens would be distributed, and as for APR, it needs to be calculated in real-time.

Is it possible to give a token in rewards that not create by my , (for Example yearn fiance token ) to stakeholder

Yes, you can. Just set the reward token as whatever you want, but as the same time, you should really have many this token to distribute.

I will sell send all token from my personal wallet address or some other contact address do this automatically

Reward Distribution is my address ?
Reward token that I want to give
Stake token that they will staking

How and set the percentage for reward token per stakeholder

Sorry, I do not have the full code, so I am not sure what does this parameter mean