How to correctly use getStorage to see data from a variable in the contract?

I'm trying to access a variable with private visibility, using EthersJS's getStorage, and I get this error... Can anyone help me?

The error-message is pretty straightforward, and if you had posted it in PLAINTEXT (as you should have done), then it would have been easier to point it out to you in the exact same words.

Anyway, it tells you that in order to read storage slots, you'll need to upgrade your subscription plan and pay for an Archive Node service.

Or perhaps it is not specifically about reading storage slots, but a more general bandwidth-limit imposed by your current provider (have you been bombarding it with requests?).

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Got it bro, simply put: I need to pay for a service, right?

For example, I can use an Alchemy-like provider with a 128+ block plan