How to configure price bot

Hi, i need an oracle config to display bep20 token price on the telegram Bot, also would be nice to get some other smart contract info such as holders.

You would need to use an API of something like DEXtools which could get you all this information automatically.

If you’re looking for more of a made from scratch approach, then learn how to use the API of

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Thanks Tsushima, apparently they are delaying on delivering APIpro, its a really slow process to wait for a message to get a SaaS. Would like to know if there’s another way to get this without waiting for mail response.

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Sure the way I would do it is by checking the reserves of my pair on PancakeSwap. Call the getReserveFunctions() then estimate the price yourself.

This is for Dexes like Uniswap and Pancakeswap. If it’s on an exchange you’ll need to use the exchange’s API.

Thanks is a good way to fix this as the Pro Api is being delivered.

So do you know how much BSCScan charge and if i can snapshot with their Pro Api? Just for tokens airdrops automation based on holding, etc.

I don’t know. Ask BSCcan.