How to Compile Contract using CLI solc that imports openzeppelin contract

Need the ABI and BIN for Rust web3 library (ick, I know). So far I've been using solc --bin path/to/MyContract.sol which has been working fine, until now that I've imported the Initializeable.sol. Semi-predictably, solc can't find this. I've tried passing in --allow-paths "@openzeppelin == node_modules/openzeppelin" and variations of, but solc still can't seem to find this. Does anyone know the correct usage for compiling my contract that imports an openzeppelin contract in node_modules from the command line using solc?

Answer my own question - need to use --base-path '/' and --include-path 'node_modules/'` flags.

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A more standard way to solve this is to use import remappings.