How to avoid nft leak with IPFS?

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I am developing a dapp for minting my collection of 10,000 still images as nfts. We are storing the images and meta data on IPFS.

How can we avoid leaking the NFT artwork before the NFTs are minted? To keep the IPFS links hidden (or not created) until they are lazy-minted?

Thank you.

What do you mean by leaking? If you don't tell people what your IPFS links are, no one would be able or even try to figure them out.

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I've edited your last paragraph. For that kind of ask please stick to the #smart-contracts:developer-wanted category strictly.

I think you should be able precalculate the IPFS address of a file before publishing it to the network. You can mint the token with this URI and only afterwards publish the file.

Although I don't really see why someone would buy this token without seeing the file first.

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