How to add MinterRole during Truffle deployment?

I’m currently at the end of the Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity (2021) course on Udemy and the final project is to change a fixed supply Token to a Mintable token. We’re using Solidity 0.6.1 here. I’m having some issues adding the MinterRole of the token during deployment. I’m also lousy at Javascript (working on improving that. Just need to get through this final project first). Here’s how I’m attempting to do it in 2_deploy_contracts.js

let token = await MyToken.deployed();
await token.methods.addMinter(deployer.address).call({from: deployer.address});

When I attempt to migrate I’m getting the following error.

TypeError: token.methods.addMinter is not a function

However if I console.log(token.methods), there it is right there:

  'addMinter(address)': [Function] {
    call: [Function],
    sendTransaction: [Function],
    estimateGas: [Function],
    request: [Function]

So any idea what I might be doing wrong?