How to add limit in airdrop claim

:1234: how Stop or Limit to claim airdrop to one address only single time, to stop miss use of airdrop

 constructor () public {
      mapping(address => bool) getAirdrop ;{
             startAirdrop(block.number,99999999, 150*10**uint(decimals), 2000000);
      startSale(block.number, 99999999, 0, 2500*10**uint(decimals),10000000);   

:computer:This code not working, what i do

mapping (address => bool) _hasClaimed;

inside the Claim function add this:

_hasClaimes[address] = true;

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thank you it working now

TypeError: Type type(address) is not implicitly convertible to expected type address. _hasClaimed[address] = true; ^-----^