How much gas is required to deploy token or crowdsale?

i deploy ERC20 token but gas not accept how much gas is minimal to set for deploy token or crowdsale of openzeppelin ?


Hi @sabetsoft,

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You could deploy to a public testnet to check your contract(s). Gas will vary depending on the complexity of the contract.

Have a look at the following example: Create an ERC20 using Remix, without writing Solidity

Also you could have a look at the OpenZeppelin Contracts 4.0 Beta as there have storage optimizations.

yes but i use oppenzeppline
before i tested in 2019 gas was low but now 5$ is sent eth but we set 20$ stil not confirm . how your required for ur oppenzep token and crowdsale without extra function

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Hi @sabetsoft,

The amount of gas required to deploy the contract should be similar (apart from network upgrade repricing of some opcodes), it is the gas price and the price of Ether which have changed.

Network congestion means that gas prices are 100 Gwei plus (, along with the change in price of Ether means that deploying is significantly more expensive than you may have experienced in 2019.