How does cross-chain reflection work?

Hey guys, does anyone know how the cross-chain reflection works for SafeMoon? I know technically it was through pNetwork, but could anyone make an intuitive explanation in a layman language? Thanks.

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If I understand correctly what you are asking, then its the same question as "how does a cross chain bridge work".

Pretty simple:
You send tokens to a smart contract in network A. The contract locks these tokens. Then there must be some technology that will tell another smart contract in network B that you actually deposited the tokens in network A. There are many different ways to do that. And once the contract in network B is convinced of your deposit, it will mint a token in network B that is a representation/duplicate of the token that you deposited in network A and it will send these newly minted tokens to the address in network B that you have provided

Thanks for answering the question "how does a cross chain bridge work", however, the question of concern is really about "how does a cross-chain reflection work". It may be using a cross-chain bridge under the hood, but it is not crystal clear to me on how a reflection can be built upon a cross-chain bridge.