How do you copy array of Structs into storage?

I have this in my contract:

struct Shoe {
    uint256 number;
    uint256 sixe;
    string color;
    bool exist;
    TicketLibrary.TicketState ticketState;

  struct IndexedShoe {
    uint256 index;
    Shoe indexedShoe;

  IndexedShoe[] public indexedShoeStorageArray;

function copyShoeArrayToStorage(
    IndexedShoe[] memory tempArray
      ) public {
    delete indexedShoeStorageArray;
    indexedShoeStorageArray = new IndexedShoe[](tempArray.length);
    for (uint256 i = 0; i <= tempArray.length; i++) {
      indexedShoeStorageArray[i]= tempArray[i];

function createIndexedShoeArray(Shoe memory test) public returns (IndexedShoe[] memory) {
    IndexedShoe[] memory tempShoeArray = new IndexedShoe[](3);
    tempShoeArray[0].index = 0;
    tempShoeArray[0].indexedShoe = test;

    return tempShoeArray;

Im getting the UnimplementedFeatureError: Copying of type struct TestAbi.IndexedShoe memory[] memory to storage not yet supported

When working with solely the struct and not an array of struct it does allow me to do just:

indexedShoeStorage = tempShoe;

Do you guys know a workaround? Thank you for help!