How can I call ERC2771ContextUpgradeable's constructor?

How can I set the trustedforwarder address in ERC2771ContextUpgradable contract?

:1234: Code to reproduce

contract Wallet is Initializable, ERC2771ContextUpgradeable, UUPSUpgradeable {

    function initialize(address _operator, address _trustedForwarder) 
            OPERATOR = _operator;
            trustedForwarder = _trustedForwarder;

    function _msgSender() internal view override(ERC2771ContextUpgradeable) returns (address sender) {
        sender = ERC2771ContextUpgradeable._msgSender();

    function _msgData() internal view virtual override(ERC2771ContextUpgradeable) returns (bytes calldata) {
        return ERC2771ContextUpgradeable._msgData();


:computer: Environment

ERC2771ContextUpgradeable uses a constructor to set an immutable variable (see reasoning in this PR). So you would need a constructor in your implementation to invoke ERC2771ContextUpgradeable's constructor. (You should still use an initializer for everything else though).

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