Help with: invalid number value (arg="liquidity", codertype="uint256", value="3.7"

Hi Z community,

Any help with this error invalid number value (arg="liquidity", coderType="uint256", value="3.7"

i am trying to run emergency withdrawal from token contract. no liquidity (uint256) provided on input data so what can i do instead that can work?


Without seeing the contract, the somewhat obvious answer is that somewhere some decimal value (3.7) is being passed when an argument that should be a uint256 should be passed.

Not sure how that would happen without a user input, given that there are no decimals in Solidity.

Thank you for the timely support. I appreciate it indeed.

Here is the contract for the transaction i am working on emergency withdrawal from.
Contract Link

details in the transaction hash is not suffficient enough to complete the function Transaction hash

I think i invested in a rug token and withdrawals are very difficult to impossible but i can see sell orders placed on dextool

Are there any other options to an emergency withdrawal i can try?