Help Verifying BSC smart contract on BSCScan

I created a Smart contract that I’m trying to verify on BSCScan so I can add socials and an icon. But no matter what I try I end up getting the following error. My Contract is already live and I don’t really have the option of changing the contract.

ParserError: Source "" not found: File import callback not supported
 --> myc:3:1:
3 | import " 

ParserError: Source "" not found: File import callback not supported
 --> myc:4:1:
4 | import ""

Even I ma getting thesame problem

can you post the command you use to verify your contract that invokes this error?

It’s not really a command, I’m trying to verify my contract as mine on, they have a tool that you add you’re code into and it verifies it.

ah okay, I thought you were using hardhat-verify

I found the resolution to this by poking around on remix, you need to use the pluggin called flattener to flatten you contract, debug it, then use that on

PM me for more details if you have the same issue.

can you tell me how exactly you did it? i flattened it then pasted the flattened code and got this error:
ParserError: Multiple SPDX license identifiers found in source file. Use “AND” or “OR” to combine multiple licenses. Please see for more information.
→ myc