Help Needed! Error encountered when during test execution in Nile

Hey there!

I am using the Oz Nile framework for smart contract development on Starknet. More specifically, I am testing the proxy upgrade feature, but my tests fail with the error message TypeError: int() can't convert non-string with explicit base. This happens when nile.signer tries to sign a transaction. Here's the snippet in the stack trace below.

def sign_transaction(self, sender, calls, nonce, max_fee):
        """Sign a transaction for an Account."""
        (call_array, calldata) = from_call_to_call_array(calls)
        message_hash = get_transaction_hash(
>           int(sender, 16), call_array, calldata, nonce, int(max_fee)

Some relevant info:

Nile 0.8.2 is not compatible with Cairo 0.10. Can you try with Nile version 0.9.0?

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This solved my problem, thanks a lot!

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