Hello Token's Own Address?

Guys, I’m doing something new.
Everything ok I’m publishing the token on the testnet.
But doesn’t the token have its own private address?
So Ethereum and token address are the same?

Hi, I think you can have a look at this topic:
How to deploy the contract on BSC and Ethereum and receive the same address? - General - OpenZeppelin Community

I think I’m explaining something wrong.
this is my main ethereum address: 0x7cd451f1AD3f43Ea3a0C08B580f4c6054a9Df589

When I create a token
Isn’t there a special address for this token?
Or do we store all tokens under this address?

ETH and ERC20 tokens are transferred from/to the same set of addresses. There is no difference. The only difference is how they are transferred. Ethereum transactions can include ETH value directly, while ERC20 tokens must be transferred by invoking a function in a smart contract.